Neighbourhood Plan

 Housing Policy

The draft housing policy can be viewed here

Character Assessments

Industrial units areas 4 and 5 and eastern end of area 9

Sea Road area 8 and the western part of area 9 


Village Design Statement

One essential element of the Neighbourhood Plan is to construct a Village Design Statement.  The Parish has been split into 9 areas and the first area has been done.  You can view it via this link.  We have produced 2 pie charts to be considered alongside the Village Design Statement here  While this is still a draft any comments will be gratefully received.  We are still looking for more volunteeers who can provide similar information about their own immediate area.  We can be contacted by email at or by contacting your nearest parish councillor.

Character Assessment Map

Can be viewed here 

Residents Surveys 

The results of our second questionnaire have been analysed and the results can be seen here.  Thank you to everyone who returned the questionnaire.

In June 2017we sent a questionnaire out to all residents in the parish. You can find the results of the survey here


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