The Parish Council is no longer required to publish this information but needs to keep historical payments available for public viewing.

Payments over £100

The Council is required to publish details of all payments made over £100


 Date Incurred    Purpose   Amount excluding VAT VAT which cannot be recovered 
20/06/2017   Printing (N. Plan)   £1115.600 
16/05/2017Projector     £3100 
17/05/2016Groundworks £2,462.00  
20/06/2017 Pavement weed spraying£200.00 0 
17/05/2016Groundworks £2,462.50  
18/04/2017 Servicing dog waste bin (C Bay)£197.60  
18/04/2017CALC membership £404.14  
21/03/2017 Clerk's course fees £275.00 No VAT payable  
21/02/2017 Insurance£285.56 No VAT payable  
21/03/2017 Room hire £150 0 
21/02/2017 Conference £249.00 
17/01/2017 Groundworks £320.00 No VAT payable  
05/12/2016  Conference£249.000 
17/01/2017Groundworks£320.00No VAT payable 
17/01/2017  Website hosting£170.000 
22/11/2016  Pavement weedspraying£120.000 
21/06/2016Groundworks£280.00No VAT payable 
24/10/2015Repairs to noticeboard£84.500 
22/11/2016   Clerk's working from home allowance £108.00No VAT payable 
18/10/2016  Audit Fee£100.000 
May - Sept 2016Cutting PRoW, SWCP and Carlyon Recreation field£950.00No VAT payable 
Maintenance contract for defibrillator   
Pavement weed spraying  
Course fees  
£600.00No VAT payable
08/05/2016Hedging£150.00No VAT payable

01/04/2016CALC subscription£392.360


15/03/2016Insurance renewal premium   £278.68No VAT payable
15/03/2016Clerk's course fees    £600.000
16/02/2016Service charge for dog bin (C Bay)£181.270
19/01/2016   Website hosting and support£170.000
May - Sept 2015  Cutting PRoW   £266.00No VAT payable

Share of purchase of new laptop for clerk   

£300.00VAT claimed by St Austell Bay PC